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These colorful cities in the world literally live life in color!

Bo-Kaap, the colorful neighborhood in Cape TownShutterstock
Bo-Kaap, The Colorful Neighborhood in Cape Town

Life is better in color, and while traveling, tourists can find the most colorful places on earth. The world’s most colorful destinations are not only found in natural landscapes, they are found in bustling cities! From the incredible mural artworks to the vibrant hues of buildings, international cities welcome visitors, using a splash of colors, making for great photo ops and sights. Seeking vibrant, colorful cities with colors of the rainbow? Then be sure to check out these ten most colorful cities in the world!

Bo Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

Those who tour Cape Town’s neighborhood of Bo Kapp will notice rows of houses painted in vibrant colors, from hues of red to shades of blue. Visitors can admire the different colors that coat these British-style houses, symbolizing the freedom of expression. The neighborhood also houses the Bo Kapp Museum, a 17th-century building that is the oldest. It even has its original form and color!

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is no shortage of color in La Boca, Argentina! This neighborhood is drowned in a sea of colors, from its alleyways to its cobbled streets. First, visit El Caminito or ‘Little Walkway’ to see the rainbow through colorful houses and bright streetscapes. Then, stop by a local cafe to people-watch (especially on the weekends, when the neighborhood is bustling with tourists) while appreciating the contrast of colors that make this destination one of the photo-worthy places in Buenos Aires. La Boca is a living rainbow from their window panes to the hanging streetlamps!

Las Palmitas, Pachuca, Mexico

The colorful houses of Las Palmitas were born out of a community project by artists called the German Crew. For months, hundreds of homes in Las Palmitas were repainted with purple, orange, yellow, and pink hues to transform them into a colorful rainbow. Overlooking Pachuca city, the working-class neighborhood of Las Palmitas colorfully stands out like a gigantic, colorful mural in the region. When stepping back and looking at the area from afar, it resembles a gorgeous splash of various colors!

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Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is, in itself, a bright city, inviting tourists from all corners of the globe into one bustling metropolitan! Specifically, Lisbon’s Rea Nova do Carvalho or Pink Street is possibly the most colorful attraction. Tourists looking for this street won’t have to look very hard; it’s painted in a bright pink color! Situated in Cais do Sodre, this neighborhood is packed with lively clubs, busy restaurants, and boutique shops. It can get pretty crowded during the day (and night), so to get a perfect view of the street, come in bright and early!

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen is so gorgeous that it’s nicknamed Morocco’s blue pearl. Sitting in the Rif Mountains, the world-famous blue city is perfect for exploring by foot. Hues of azure (and white) pair perfectly with the 15th-century architecture in the city. Explore the city’s history (as a former fortress) while perusing the alleys and Medina. Be sure to sample some local delights in the area, especially the goat cheese.

Procida, Italy

The port city of Procida is not as busy as the Amalfi Coast but still entices curious tourists with its incredible coastal views of pastel-colored homes. Despite its tiny size, Procida is worth a day (or two) visit, even if it’s just for a view of the colorful houses alone. Walk through the alleyways of the city through Marina di Corricella or grab a bite to eat at the Marina Grande.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini pops on travelers’ radars occasionally due to its popularity. Not only is Santorini famous for its views of the Atlantic coast, but its architecture is also studded with pleasant shades of blue, white, orange, yellow, and cream. What’s more, the fragrant flowers and breathtaking hues of the sea blue coast make this world-famous city a sight for sore So it’s. It’s no wonder Santorini is featured in numerous social media feeds and photo ops!

Cinque Terre, Italy

Even travelers who have never been to Cinque Terre can envision its bright and colorful skyline. This cluster of centuries-old Italian seaside villages is another popular tourist destination, blessed with stunning views of the Italian Riveria coastline. Specifically, in places like Manarola, its homes and architecture are painted with a splash of colors like pink, orange, yellow, and cream. Visitors who make their way to Cinque Terre will feel like they stepped inside a painting.

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Rainbow Village, Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung’s Rainbow Village is not only great for a photo op, there is an interesting history behind the area. In 1924, Huang Yung-Fu painted houses in the area to protect them from demolition. Decades later, the Rainbow Village is a popular attraction for tourists looking to admire the colorful artwork adorned the streets and houses in Nantun District. Aside from the different colors used to decorate the village, tourists will also notice figures like birds and wildlife painted around the area.

Aghroud, Morocco

Known to some as Morocco’s Rainbow Village, the fishing village of Aghroud is a suitable destination for those seeking refuge from the busy city life. Despite its tiny size, Aghroud is home to an array of colorful, pastel-colored houses. Take a relaxing stroll on the beach while watching fishermen haul their daily catches or admire the colorful homes while exploring the area.

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