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Meta: Salad is not only a side dish but also the main one on many restaurant menus. Let’s discover 15 healthy and popular recipes for America salads.

Salad is known as a dish originating from European countries. The variety of fresh veggies and sauces has made salads more and more distinctive.

America is one of the countries that love salads. Here are 15 healthy and popular recipes for America salads you may not know. Let’s discover.

15 Healthy And Popular America Salad Recipes
Waldorf Salad
Waldorf salad is known as a famous appetizer in restaurants. To make a successful Waldorf salad, you first need to make the dressing.

Mix mayonnaise or yogurt with salt, lemon juice, and pepper. Next, add the raisins, chopped apples and celery, avocado, and walnuts to the dressing and stir well.

Finally, put the lettuce in a bowl, drizzle the dressing, and enjoy. Waldorf salads are often served cold to enjoy the flavors of the ingredients.

The grapes’ sweetness, the walnuts’ crunchiness, and the aroma of other ingredients have made this salad a classic appetizer at American restaurants.

Image source: Flickr

Frog Eye Salad
Frog eye salad is a dessert salad with sweet pasta as the main ingredient. It is a relatively popular dish in Rocky Mountain, USA, and is often cooked on Thanksgiving.

Along with the sweet flavor, the salad has round acini di pepe pasta, the main ingredient. You need to whip the cream and coat it over the pasta with the egg yolks. You can add toppings like pineapple slices, shredded coconut, orange slices, or even marshmallows.

The rich flavor of frog eye salad is often favored because it pairs with whole fruit. It is often served with biscuits on potluck tables in the US.

Cobb Salad
Cobb salad originated from a Los Angeles restaurant in 1930. It is the chef’s creation from leftovers. This colorful and nutritious salad is always one of the stars in American families’ meals.

To have a plate of cobb, simply spread a layer of lettuce on a plate and then sprinkle eggs, chicken, butter, cheese, and tomatoes on top. Finally, scatter salt, pepper, vinegar, and some mustard on top.

You should let them sit for about 1 hour for the best flavor. You can add other seasonings like olive oil, garlic, and some chives for garnish if desired.

Image source: Flickr

Poke is a Hawaiian salad known as the salad of the sea. Initially, its main ingredients were spices and pieces of fresh ahi tuna.

First, you need to cut the tuna pieces and then put them in the bowl. Then, add Hawaiian sea salt and pureed kukui seeds and enjoy the dish with rice.

Today, variations of poke are spawned with a twist in the main ingredient, such as crab meat, mussels, oysters, squid, octopus, etc. Other toppings include finely chopped vegetables such as lettuce, coriander, herbs, and green onions.

In addition, locals incorporate seaweed, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and even honey in poke variations. The taste of the sea and nature seems to be forever blended in the poke.

Chef Salad
A chef’s salad is considered the main dish in American meals. Tracing back to the 17th century, its recipe only included indispensable ingredients in the American kitchen.

First, layer lettuce in the bottom of the bowl and then top with cheese, minced meat, hard-boiled eggs, and butter. You can replace the ham with chicken if you want.

Next, spread a layer of tomato, cucumber, and chopped bread. Finally, season with more cooking oil, salt, pepper, and onion to taste. You can serve it with different dressings to your heart’s content.

Image source: Flickr

Chinese Chicken Salad
Although called Chinese chicken, this salad is rooted in the US in the 1930s. The reason for the Chinese word in the name is because it calls for some flavors from China, such as ginger, soybeans, and sesame seeds.

The recipe to make this salad is simple and requires quite a few ingredients. First, you can mix the cabbage with shredded carrots, green onions, chestnuts, and sliced chicken.

Next, add the seasonings such as soy dressing, vinegar, ginger, soybeans, garlic, sesame oil, sugar, and chili dressing, and mix well with the salad mixture. The aroma of spices and the fatty taste of almonds make this salad a crown-pleaser in the United States.

Macaroni Salad
Macaroni salad is often a Hawaiian lunch staple. It has been favored in Mainland America since the early 20th century with pasta being the main ingredient.

The first step is to boil the pasta and drain it. It should be boiled thoroughly, so the pasta does not become hard. Mix mayonnaise, salt, sugar, vinegar, and mustard into the drained pasta. Finally, add the chopped onion, peppers, carrots, and tomatoes to the mixture and mix well.

You should keep the mixture in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before enjoying it to get the best taste. Since it’s the main course for lunch, you can prepare it first thing in the morning and then put it in the fridge.

Image source: Flickr

Derived from the term “koolsla” in Dutch, this salad is often served as a main dish on the menus of restaurants in the United States. It can also be a side dish accompanied with grilled meat, fried chicken, or pasta dishes.

The first step is to make coleslaw dressing. You need to whisk together a mixture of mayonnaise, vinegar, and honey. Then season it with lime juice, sugar, and finely ground pepper and beat until the dressing is smooth. You can add sour cream or buttermilk if you want more fat.

Toss the shredded lettuce mix with a little olive oil to preserve the crispiness of the salad. Top it with some shredded cheese and pineapple for extra flavor. Finally, drizzle and mix well, refrigerate for 10 minutes and enjoy.

Red Slaw
Red slaw is a salad with a distinctive red color from North Carolina, also known as barbecue slaw, especially in Lexington. It often appears as a side dish to grilled meats and sandwiches.

This traditional salad is a combination of lettuce and chopped green cabbage. In addition to the mixture of water, vinegar, pepper, and sugar, ketchup is the main ingredient that gives the salad its characteristic red color.

You just need to mix the above ingredients and season to taste. If desired, you can also add more mustard, peppers, onions, carrots, and sausages. This dish is usually well-chilled before serving to get the perfect flavor.

Image source: Flickr

Three-Bean Salad
It is one of America’s favorite and most appreciated bean salads for generations.

First, you need to wash the beans (kidney beans, green beans, yellow beans, and pinto beans). Mix bell peppers, onions, and chopped chives with walnuts, olives, and almonds. Next, mix well with olive oil, salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice.

You can toss in purple or white onions to the dish’s classic color and flavor. Garlic, sauces, and herbs (fennel, basil, mint) can also be added to enhance the natural flavor of the salad.

This salad is usually served cold and can be stored for 5 to 7 days in the refrigerator.

Broccoli Salad
Here comes one of the most classic salads in America. It combines sweet and salty flavors, satisfying the taste buds and giving us an indescribable sense of nostalgia.

This broccoli salad recipe requires simple steps but includes many ingredients. First, mix the shredded broccoli and bacon with shredded cheese, dried blueberries, and sunflower seeds.

Next, blend the mayonnaise, sour cream, some salt, sugar, pepper, apple cider vinegar, and some lemon juice. Beat this mixture until it is smooth and silky.

Finally, pour the dressing over the broccoli mixture and mix them well, then let them rest in the fridge for about 1 hour for all the flavors to deepen.

Image source: Flickr

All-American Salad
All-American salad with parmesan peppercorn dressing is one of America’s favorite traditional mixes. The classic and colorful blend of lettuce (iceberg, romaine lettuce), cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, and other ingredients always makes this dish a treat.

It is usually served as a side or dessert and is enjoyed with wine, orange juice, or apple juice. This salad recipe is also quite simple.

To make the parmesan peppercorn dressing, you need to whip the cream and buttermilk mixture, then add the parmesan, dressing, garlic, salt, and pepper to your liking. This dressing can be stored for three days in the refrigerator.

For the all-American salad, you mix lettuce, tomatoes, coriander, onions, carrots, or cabbage and drizzle dressing on top. Garnish with some shaved parmesan to complete the salad.

West Indies Salad
Despite the name West Indies salad, its hometown is in Mobile, Alabama, USA. This salad’s seafood flavor will not be inferior to others. The recipe for this dish is also quite a piece of cake. First, you need to spread a layer of chopped onion in the bowl and then put the crab meat on top.

Next, sprinkle an extra layer of minced onion and add salt and pepper to the bowl. Finally, put in some vegetable oil (Wesson oil) and vinegar to the crabmeat and onion mixture.

Chefs believe that to get the best West Indies salads, the dish should be marinated for about 24 hours before serving to guests. Note that do not mix this mixture up. You just need to gently scoop it out onto a plate and enjoy.

Image source: Flickr

Texas Caviar
As the name implies, Texas Caviar is a traditional salad derived from the state of Texas, USA. Unlike its fishy name, Texas caviar has no protein in the recipe.

Instead, if desired, you’ll have a mix of black-eyed peas, garlic, bell peppers, minced onions, celery, cabbage, and coriander. Salt, sugar, and pepper are indispensable ingredients in this salad. However, it will be best if you season them to taste.

Typically, this salad will be soaked in a vinaigrette-style dressing or red wine vinegar and added to vegetable oil. It is usually left to rest for an hour before being served and is often served with tortilla chips.

Caesar Salad
The Caesar salad is an iconic dish thanks to the skillful and improvised combination of ingredients. Like the all-American or Texas caviar salad, the caesar recipe includes a dressing and a salad.

The dressing is a refreshing blend of minced garlic, Worcestershire nuts, vinegar, wine, and lime juice. Oil, salt, and black pepper are added and whisked until smooth.

Finally, put the lettuce on a plate and pour the dressing on top. You can eat them with toast. Also, the dressing can be used within a week if stored in the refrigerator.

Image source: Flickr

What Are The Popular Salads In Southern America?
Traditional southern coleslaw is one of the famous names in southern America. It is characterized by its sweet and aromatic flavor and often served with ribs, chicken, and grilled meats.

Okra corn salad is also the national salad in the southern United States. Simple ingredients contain corn, okra, onions, cilantro, and the main seasonings.

Next is roasted asparagus salad, with the main ingredients being asparagus and lettuce. It is a refreshing and frugal salad rich in flavor. In addition, the rich taste of feta cheese and sauce, along with the slightly sour taste of tomatoes and lime juice, will enrich the flavor of this dish.

Alternatively, you can enjoy other southern American salads such as layered salads, mini wedge salads, shrimp BLT salads, or mini Caprese salads.

What Is The Best American Summer Salad?
American summer salad with California avocados is the most popular summer salad in the country. Its recipe calls for summer fruits such as apples, pineapples, pears, and cucumbers, and the main ingredient is avocado.

It is a nutritious salad and can be diversified by locals into different variations. Its fiber and vitamins C, D, and E, with a refreshing taste, will dispel the summer heat in no time.

Which Country Is Famous For Salad?
Countries famous for salads include the US with coleslaw, often served with barbecued meat or fried chicken. Next is Greece with Greek salad, a staple of this countryside. Feta cheese, cucumber, onion, olive oil, and oregano are featured ingredients.

Italy is also famous for its classic and beautifully decorated Caprese salad. In addition, Som tam from Thailand and Olivier salad from Moscow are listed in the world famous salads.

Hope you had your choice between these 15 recipes of America salads with different flavors and colors. You can enjoy them all because they are nutritious and eye-catching. Thank you for taking the time for us, and see you in the next posts

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